A weekend at the Rose Bowl!

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It's the largest flea market on the West Coast and if you live in

Southern California it's the place to be on the second Sunday of each month....

It's the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market! ...and we have been going almost every month since 1990!  We honestly feel so blessed to live near one of the most inspirational markets for any designer. Whether you're in textiles, home decor or interior design this market is the trendsetter for many trades.   

Early on, when we had Pom Pom Interior's stores, going to the flea market was a necessity. We would get there bright and early at 5am! Right when the gates would open we would be some of the first people in to view that month's treasures. Nowadays we have the luxury to go just for fun! We get to meander and explore at our own pace.   

The first place I always peruse is the vintage textiles area. So many rich and colorful fabrics. Everything is so beautiful. I find many ideas and pieces from this area to use both in my home and to take inspiration from for Pom Pom at Home's collections. 

Here are my 4 quick tips for visiting the Rose Bowl Flea Market!
1. Stay hydrated! It gets HOT out there so make sure to bring a water bottle. 
2. Sunscreen & Hat! I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten these and came home with a sunburned forehead. :(
3. Bring snacks! The flea market isn't known for its gourmet cuisine, so skip the food lines and bring some from home!
4. The earlier you go the better deals you get! 

Have fun! 

Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market site HERE for more info. 



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