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Our Story


“Life’s little luxury”

As natives of Belgium, we naturally have a passion for everything linen. Designer and CEO, Hilde Leiaghat, grew up in the countryside of Belgium where she and her father frequently visited flea markets where they shared a love for discovering wonderful and unusual treasures. She attributes her love for antiques and vintage linens to that time in her life. Pom Pom at Home was derived from the earlier successful Pom Pom Interiors retail locations scattered throughout Los Angeles since the companies first inception in 1991. Pom Pom at Home embraces a passion for all things beautiful. Throughout the creative process, our mission to evoke a sense of romanticism, peaceful memories, and gentleness is always kept in mind. Our “lived-in” elegant look has continued to evolve over the years, but has always stayed true to our foundation of inspiration; to transform everyday experiences into sheer delight. Pom Pom at Home is always striving to create the highest quality product in the most honest way. We strongly believe in fair wages and only work
with fair trade factories. Customer service is always our highest priority.

Pom Pom at Home’s principle of using 100% natural linen as our primary fiber
demonstrates our steadfast commitment to lessening the impact we have on Earth.
Linen is derived from the flax plant and it requires tremendously less amounts of fertilizers
and water than other plants that are used to manufacture bedding & clothing. We lessen our
impact on the environment by utilizing 100% natural linen which happens to be the longest lasting of
all the plant based fibers. Pom Pom at Home products consist of more than only natural linen,
and it is our cotton products that adhere to the strict environmental standards of Oeko-Tex. This certification
demonstrates our further commitment to sustainability by providing cotton products free of harmful substances and
synthetics. All of our products are sourced from a conscious, moral, ethical, and sustainable approach!

Social responsibility has been implicit to Pom Pom at Home’s business model from the start. Our dual intent is to provide a luxurious sleep experience and to give back to our community. That is why we have chosen to partner with Midnight Mission where not only do we annually contribute monetarily but also with our time and effort. Twice a year the entire company visits the mission and spends the day helping out in the kitchen, preparing that day's meals.  We then spend the evening serving the local impoverished community.


We encourage you to visit Midnight Mission's website here

            and learn more about this great organization.

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