April Showers Bring May Scarves!

I love scarves!  I think everyone should own a handful of them. They just add a little finishing touch to every outfit. Especially when traveling, I find that adding scarves to a wardrobe instantly makes you look well traveled.  :)  Pom Pom at Home has been adding scarves to our collection since 2014 and they are consistently a best seller for us. They make wonderful gifts for every occasion.   
So without further ado I would like to introduce you to our most recent additions to our scarf collection...
The Pickstitch Scarf
Mini woven stripes and tiny frayed tassels give this neutral colored scarf an earthy bohemian feel.  
The Provence Scarf
Soft and lightweight this monochrome scarf has three wide bold stripes and delicate frayed edges. 
The SoHo Scarf
Sheer and super light weight with faint stitched stripes, it's an ideal warm weather addition to your outfit. 
The Uptown Scarf
Wear it uptown or downtown this scarf is soft and textured with raw edges.
The Vineyard
A beautiful and sophisticated scarf with frayed edges and a fine woven texture, perfect for a drive up to wine country. 

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