Handwoven Rugs for Every Room-Pom Pom at Home

Handwoven Rugs for Every Room

A rug can single-handedly tie an entire room together in one fell swoop! It's the foundation of the room, adding personality, texture and color to your space. 
We love rugs here at Pom Pom at Home which is exactly why we have launched a brand new collection of beautiful rugs in plenty of sizes and colors.
 Handmade by incredibly talented artisans in India. 
Our rugs are handwoven in wool, jute, and cotton.   
We offer our rugs in 5 size options ensuring that they fit every space in your home. 
Each of these rugs are double-sided, meaning you can flip them over and display either side.

All the natural hues in this sitting area make this space feel so earthy and calming. 

This is our striped Warby rug in 5'x8'. 
The vibrant navy makes this eating area pop!
Adding personality to even the smallest of hallways.
Brighten up a dark wood floor with an Ivory & Nordic Blue area rug.
Instantly making it feel more summery. 
We also offer 100% cotton rugs that easily wash in your machine and dryer.
Making them great for busier entry ways, bathrooms, and kitchens. 

Find the perfect rug to fit your space!


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