Hilde's 2020 Hopeful Goals-Pom Pom at Home

Hilde's 2020 Hopeful Goals

Resolutions can be daunting... just the thought of "New Years Resolutions" lends itself to failures and cliches. That being said, when I simply rephrase it in my own head to "Hopeful 2020 Goals", something about it seems less scary. It's semantics, yes, but headspace is everything.  Being realistic from the start, knowing that I might not follow through with all of them or hit any of the mile markers, setting intentions IS a positive. 
Studies have found that people are twice as likely to achieve a goal when it's written down.  Putting it down to pen and paper truly helps to manifest our dreams more successfully.  So I am going to go head first into this years "Resolutions" or "Hopeful Goals" with positive intentions and realistic ideals. Baby steps... that's the key this year. So without further ado, here are my nine 2020 Hopeful Goals! 

 1.Office Gym/Intermittent Fasting (My Health) 

This is the number one goal set by people in the new year. Take one look around the crowded gym in early January and you know it's true.  But that's because our health IS SO IMPORTANT and SO EASY to do nothing about! I have been suffering for the last year with a serious foot problem that has left me in a lot of pain after standing or walking too much.  I have yet to find a solution but it will probably end with surgery of some sort.  In the meantime, I need to find something active for body and soul that won't bother my foot too much... that answer has come in the shape of a brand new stationary bike that I've installed at my office! My husband and sons bought me the cutest bike for Christmas and I'm determined to use it daily while I'm working.


Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

 Intermittent Fasting is something I started in 2019 and it really helps me with "mindful eating".  I only eat between the hours of 11am and 8pm.  Studies show that this intermediate fasting not only helps with weight loss but also with heart health, inflammation in the body, and the function of cells, genes and hormones.  My goal is to keep it up all throughout 2020 whilst also focusing on organic and much less processed foods. 


2. Find more happiness by being more kind and grateful! 

When we express thankfulness for the joys in life, we increase happiness! I read that somewhere and it really stuck with me for this upcoming year.  So I'm trying to practice this with something called a "Gratitude Journal". Each day I write 1 to 2 things I'm grateful for.  Even if they are just the smallest of things... writing them down and thinking about them can help you to increase your optimism and find the silver linings in the things that challenge you. As for being generally kinder, my daily goals are to practice patience (for which I have none), stop complaining, minimize judgments, try not to criticize, be generous, celebrate little victories, small gestures like letting someone into your lane, give back, give to charities, and lastly try to compliment someone each day. 


Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude: Gratitude Journal


3. Travel! 

Once a year, I want to go some place I've never been. I'm making a list of places I'd love to visit and I'm putting it on the fridge to look at daily.  I get to travel quite a lot for work but there is rarely time for sightseeing on those trips. It's pretty much business 24/7 so I really want to go on adventures that feed my soul! 


4. Have more FUN at the office!

We are a family business. We only have about 13 workers and we are a very close bunch!  We love having fun together and it really does help the business when people want to come to work and truly care for each other.  I think we've done a pretty good job at creating a warm environment and I want to keep that up and continue with even more ways to accomplish this in 2020.  Creating this family ambiance helps to reduce stress, enhance motivation, and productivity.  Some things I want to throw in the mix and keep up with are... monthly lunches paid for by the company when we hit our goals (which we almost always do!), creating and keeping office holiday traditions, play music and dance when we have things to celebrate with each other, laugh often, celebrate birthdays/ anniversaries together, and always have the dogs in the office for extra love! 



5. Follow in my Mother's footsteps and have a bit of beer (or wine?!) & chocolate each day!  

My beautiful mother is 97 this year and as sharp as ever! She is such an inspiration to me, she's independent, driving herself and bicycling each day. She's lovely and smart and my best friend. Each day she enjoys life and this includes indulging in a bit of yummy chocolate and a bit of delicious beer. It's these tiny joys that make life. How do you treat yourself each day?


6. Become more eco-friendly. 

It's more important than ever to try and each do our own little part in helping the environment. It can seem so overwhelming... like how can I, one person make any impact whatsoever? But the truth is if we all (all 7.5 billion of us!) did what we could, it can and will help! Just doing small tasks throughout the month can help us be more mindful and conscientious of waste and it's impact on our home. Perhaps even just the smallest of steps can cause a butterfly effect and truly make a difference! Here are some things I'm going to try and implement in 2020. 

  • Meatless Mondays
  • reusable straws
  • waste less (reusable containers, bags, avoid plastics) 

7. Enhance my daily Skin Routine 

I KNOW wearing SPF daily is soooo important, yet even as I'm about to be 60 I struggle at remembering to apply it each day! And not just for your face, as we age applying sunscreen to the top of our hands and our décolletage is very important to retain collagen. I'd also like to try and do a moisturizing mask at home once a week, use serum daily, and perhaps a facial every other month wouldn't hurt!  Including a chemical exfoliant to slough off skin cells, sleeping with an ultra soft & silky bamboo pillowcase, and always making sure to go to bed with clean skin are top of my list as well.

This serum is absolutely fantastic and has been suggested to me by so many friends... 


8. De-clutter

My husband is my Marie Kondo. He is constantly telling me how I need to de-clutter and not hold on to so many things. Creating an organized space free of  junk is so good for a clear mind and calm spirit. Donating unwanted clothes to woman shelters, or having a yard sale and giving all the proceeds to the Australian firefighters.... these are a few ideas I have for decluttering in the upcoming year!

Please click here to find the Dress for Success nearest to you. 


9. Read more

Fighting that urge to reach for my phone and scan social media before bed, I'm creating a bedtime ritual for myself. I get into bed an hour early and dedicate that time to reading. No phones or screens allowed. Reading has been scientifically proven to boost brainpower, increase intelligence, make you more empathetic, and even help fight Alzheimer's disease! 

This is what Im reading at the moment but I definitely have a stack of books ready to get through this year!


The Lying Game: A Novel


 Good luck with your own 2020 Hopeful Goals!! Baby steps! :)



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