A Q&A with designer, blogger & stylist, Joanna Hawley from Jojotastic.

A Q&A with designer, blogger & stylist, Joanna Hawley from Jojotastic.

Based in Seattle, Joanna Hawley is a blogger, stylist, & digital influencer. With a degree in Industrial Design she runs the blog Jojotastic which features her DIY, entertaining, interior design, style, and food. 
She also recently took part in the One Room Challenge where Pom Pom at Home was able to partner up and feature our linen products. See her 'B
ackyard Oasis' reveal HERE. 
1.  What do you enjoy most about interior decorating?
My favorite part about decorating is seeing it all come together. There's always this moment where I second guess myself, so to see it all come together in a cohesive, stylish way is really exciting.

2. What was the goal for your design?
My goal for any design project is to create a functional and stylish space that is actually livable.

3. What do you love about Pom Pom at Home? What is your favorite product?
Pom Pom at Home is basically my dream collection of textiles! The materials are top notch and just so gorgeous. I especially love how everything layers together so beautifully. My favorite product would definitely be the linen throws. They have the most sumptuous drape — and the color selections are fab.
4. What or who inspires you right now?
I am constantly inspired by nature. I find that I'm most creative when somewhere on a mountain or surrounded by trees. 
5. How would you describe your style?
My style is constantly evolving, but it will always be eclectic, casual, and modern.
6. Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?
My best ideas come to me when I'm away from all of my tech devices and in nature. I looove getting off the grid. Travel also is a constant source of inspiration. 

7. How would you sum up your aesthetic?
My aesthetic is definitely grounded in neutrals and style basics (lots of white, black, navy, and natural tones), but then I always add a twist like some weird vintage pieces.
8. Whats the most treasured item in your home?
My naked lady painting!
9. Bold hues or subtle neutrals?
Subtle neutrals, all the way.
10. What the best piece of advice you can give someone about decorating?
Take your time. I've found that it's taken at least 2 years for me to figure out what my style is for my own home because it's such an evolution and you need to feel out the space.
Thank you so much Joanna for taking the time to answer our questions!  Thank you for inspiring us with your style & designs!  We truly loved your backyard oasis! 

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