New Fall Scarves Have Arrived!  Time to Get Cozy!

New Fall Scarves Have Arrived!
Time to Get Cozy!


Fall is a week away, Halloween is around the corner, and soon there will be a crisp Autumn chill in the air!  Perfect timing for our new collection of scarves!! 

Let's get to meet them!


1. The YUMA scarf

The Yuma brings a little South-West vibe to your fall wardrobe. 

It comes in Tan/Lime and Brown/Brick



Cool & casual with fringe on the edges, this is the perfect scarf for walking around Brooklyn on a crisp October day. 

It comes in Taupe, Mist, & Ivory. 




 3.  The PUCKER scarf

A great light and spongy texture makes this scarf bouncy

and fun any day of the week. 

It comes in Pink, Light Grey, and Burgundy. 



4. The POM POM scarf

This sweet little scarf has an embroidered ribbon and super soft little pom poms

all along the edges.

It comes in Charcoal and Light Grey.  


5.  The OMBRE scarf

A unique blend of 2 colors, this scarf has been a long time fan favorite.

We are introducing it in new colors, Grey/Olive, Black/Tan, & Steel/Navy. 

6. The BUSHWICK scarf. 

Longer tassels and a slight knit texture makes this a pop of cozy for every outfit. 

It comes in Dark Rose, and Charcoal. 

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