Spring Equinox Refresh!-Pom Pom at Home

Spring Equinox Refresh!

Posted by Joanna Wishart on

Spring Cleaning has become a yearly tradition for most Americans.  The longer days and warmer weather seems to invigorate our desire to clean, organize, and refresh. 

Nantucket Matelasse & Shams - Blake Duvet - Jackson Big Pillow - Bianca Velvet Pillow

I use this time to strip all my beds of the warmer, darker colored Winter bedding and move into the lightweight fabrics for the Summer season.  

Photo from Lemon Grove Lane - Blake Duvet - Huntington Coverlet - Madison Pillow Shams - Jackson Big Pillows - Vintage Crochet 8x10 - Helena Throw

 Whites, light blues, and pretty sage colors scream Spring to me.  Linen is a beautiful fabric for warmer weather. It breathes well, washes easily, and gets softer the longer you have it. 

Grace Duvet - Layla Pillowcases - Logan Duvet - Pleated Bedskirt 

Using an all white base for your Spring bed allows you to mix and match various colors throughout the Summer months while keeping that crisp, fresh, clean feel.

Fresh Rugs and Bedskirts can transform a space as well. Cover a dingy floor or carpet with a lovely handwoven area rug at the foot of your bed. 

Our Vintage Crochet bedskirt is a breath of fresh air in any bedroom. 

Photo from @lemongrovelane

Bring some greenery indoors to add life to your living room! Use our Savannah basket as an alternative to your basic planter. 

Don't forget to give your patio a spruce as well! Add new colors and textures with decorative pillows and throws.

 Sweet little handwoven pillows can take your chaise lounges to the next level. 

Shoo away your dust bunnies and Winter clutter. Open your windows wide for some fresh air and refresh, refresh, refresh! 

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