Stripes on Stripes-Pom Pom at Home

Stripes on Stripes

I love decorating with stripes!  They are so incredibly versatile. Depending on the type of stripe and the color palette, they can be elegant, feminine, bold, or modern. Stripes mix beautifully with solids, florals, and textures.

The striped Summer bed we've created below is effortlessly chic. The soft blushes lull you to a place of calm.


Each layer of the bed adds not only comfort, but visual interest. From the pom poms on the Oulu throw, the lovely raw edges on the Laurel pillow, and the diamond pattern on the Ojai matelasse. Each piece comes together to create a symphony of style.

Dream away in pretty blush hues!

Our Summer Stripe Bed is a beautiful mix of pattern and soft textures.


Stripes just don't go out of style. Decade after decade, they are a staple in interior design.  Our striped Blake duvet seen below features an interwoven stripe texture, giving a modern refresh to a traditional stripe. We've mixed it in with our oversized striped Jackson big pillows.  Like two giants clouds waiting for you to sink into!

White on white with subtle blues and greens give the feeling of a coastal beach house in the Hamptons. Crisp and clean with just the right amount of casual draping. This bed in your Summer guest room would be a show stopper for sure. 

 Coastal vibes create an airy, dreamy bedroom!

Thin stripes mixed with broad stripes and a dash of pretty tassels.


The perfect finish to any room is the rug that ties it all together. A striped rug feels classic without being stuffy. 

Arguably the best way to use striped rugs is to lay them out in a long hallway. They look great and add a lot of depth and charm to hallways. Long lines can trick the eye into making it seem like a space is longer or wider.

All of our rugs are handwoven which gives them an artisan feel. Almost all of our rugs come in 5 sizes and multiple colors so you're sure to find a fit for your space.

We love styling with Summer stripes!  


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