Summer Travels!

Summer Travels!

This summer was filled with many fun adventures! My favorite thing about having the opportunity to travel is being able to absorb and observe so much inspiration, culture, & joie de vivre in other parts of the world that I am then able to bring back with me and infuse into our Pom Pom at Home collections.  

This year, we were able to spend time in several different countries. First, we headed to Denmark, Copenhagen to see longtime friends, then to our home country of Belgium to celebrate my youngest son's nuptials with family, back to Los Angeles for a short time, & then finally a beautiful trip to Portugal where we were introduced to the incredible craftsmen and factories that we will be working with in the upcoming year. 

As summer winds to an end I wanted to take a look back at these wonderful countries and share with you some of the highlights our of trips hopefully inspiring you to visit them as well!



Seeing some old friends and getting incredibly inspired by the shops & architecture.  

With some friends outside of the famous florist, Tage Anderson. 

Very inspired by him and his artistry. 

The most famous shopping street in Copenhagen. 

Our friends, Per and Helle, brought us to see the Little Mermaid statue made famous by Hans Christian Anderson.  It's much smaller and harder to spot than people expect!

The interior of the King's Palace in Copenhagen. 


Hygge has become very popular worldwide. It's the Danish way of being cozy and happy. Which has always been the way of life here. 


Illums Bolighus a beautiful Scandinavian design shop. Great for inspiration!

It's worth the cost of the boat to see the city from a different perspective. Get some wine and cheese and enjoy!



My home land where much of my family still lives and the place where I fell in love with linen!


Up at my brother's Lake Cabin to celebrate Michael & Bianca's wedding!

We did a bit of traveling around Belgium. Here Michael and Bianca are at the famous statue of Manneke Pis (Little Peeing Boy) in Brussels. 

 Walking thru Brussels to the Grand Place. Enjoying the great Art Deco buildings on the way. 

When in Brussels, one has to buy Belgian chocolate. 

We had a chance to visit our hometown of Antwerp and visit our old restaurant, De Pottekijker. Unfortunately it was closed for lunch but everything was exactly how we had it 30 years ago.

 Antwerp is still one of the most interesting cities to get your creative juices flowing! It's architecture, fashion, design, & culinary.



An absolutely beautiful country! We mixed business with pleasure as we were there to visit some factories and meet with craftsmen. 


Guimarães is a very charming and historic city.  Built in the 13th century it's the birthplace of Portugal.  This medieval city is surrounded by a lot of textile industry which is what brought us there. 

 While driving up to wine country we were stopped by a religious procession. 

Enjoying the views and architecture of Porto.

The city is incredibly affordable. We had this lovely little spread of port, meat, and olives for only a few dollars!

We took our time driving from Porto down to Lisbon and stopped off at this little fishing town where all the fisher-people were drying the day's catch. 

Palácio da Pena is a Roman castle, located in Sintra, Portugal.


Downtown Lisbon and the Santa Justa Lift where people ride the elevator to the top to view the city. 

Lisbon is such a beautiful city. I loved all the ceramic tile work we saw while walking around, just like the one you see behind us! 

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