Accessorize your home and bedroom like a professional interior designer.
Find the perfect color combination for your own space with these inspiring ideas!
Swapping out your home's accessories is one of the easiest ways
to update your home seasonally or just to freshen up your current furniture. 
One of the most common questions we receive at Pom Pom at Home is "What goes with this??"  So we have put together several color palettes to help you get started and see what goes with what.  

It's hard to go wrong with these soft subtle hues. Especially with Summer almost here,  these tones really lighten up a space and make it feel cool and breezy. 

Neutral colors are big right now. That California casual style is one of my favorites. It feels a little BoHo, but also clean and sophisticated. You can blend these with your current pieces easily. 

Perhaps you prefer something a little more high contrast...  Bold patterns and stripes add visual interest to a space. Use flax to warm it up slightly or ivory to give it more of a contrasting punch. 

Fresh, beachy, blues are calming and peaceful. Like a beautiful blue sky, they make a space feel welcoming.  Blue is simply a lovely color. 

Like a desert sunset, the tan-brown tones of taupe pair well with other warm colors, particularly soft pink or gold accents.  Whether you’re looking to tone down bolder decor or simply favor subdued shades, taupe works wonderfully for home interiors across all styles and tastes.


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