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Bamboo, Linen, Cotton: What's the difference?

Feel renewed with fresh sheets & bedding!
Whether it’s cotton, linen, or bamboo, learn the differences to find your perfect match.

Most people cannot believe the level of silky softness they experience when getting under
a bamboo duvet or jumping into some fresh bamboo sheets!
Bamboo is incredibly soft, naturally hypoallergenic, more breathable and more durable than traditional sheets. It’s also eco-friendly and sustainable, grown without harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.
We offer Bamboo in a Sheet Set & a Duvet Set. 
Cotton Percale is smooth to the touch, without a texture or natural pattern. The cotton textile’s tightly woven fabric keeps it strong and durable, while simultaneously giving it the gentle, crisp feeling.
Percale features a weave that is consistently strong. This is because the crisscross pattern of the percale weaving method results in one of the tightest weaves, leaving little room for wear and tear.  
We offer the Cotton Percale in a Sheet Set & a Duvet Set. 
Linen can typically be identified by its textured look and feel. Unlike the smooth and flat cotton textile, linen feels a bit more granular and can even look patterned in certain colors.
While linen is also slightly thicker than cotton, it remains breathable due to the length and width of the natural fibers. The more you wash linen the softer and softer it becomes!
We offer 100% Linen in almost everything! Sheets, Flat & Fitted, Duvets, Pillowcases, Pillow Shams,
Decorative Pillows etc! 
Sateen is the closest thing you can get to satin with its silky feel and luxurious sheen. The fabric has great drapability and creates beautiful soft folds.
Sateen combines the soft, smooth, luxurious feel of satin with the strength and durability of cotton. It’s a great choice for a more refined space, such as a master suite or luxurious guest room.
We offer Cotton Sateen in Sheet Sets, Duvet Set, and Pillowcases.

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