Creating Healthy Routines-Pom Pom at Home

Creating Healthy Routines

Now that so many of us are forced to stay at home during this awful pandemic, it's time to think about how we can stay healthy both mentally and physically whilst being isolated and confined. It’s not just being lazy, having no daily structure can actually be unhealthy to our bodies and mind.
I’ve come up with some ideas that I hope can help you reduce stress, create good habits, and keep a positive mental state. First off, start your day focused on you. Try to keep from jumping on social media and emails as soon as you open your eyes.

I like to make myself a cup of coffee before I do anything.
Then I go to my backyard, but this could be a balcony, or even just near a window. Take some deep breaths, take time to really enjoy the cup of coffee or tea, let nature bring you some peace and joy.  Listen for birds, feel the breeze on your face.  

Perhaps even repeat some daily affirmations.
“Today will be a good day! Today I am grateful for...”

Next, make a daily list of things you want to accomplish.
Here are a few ideas:
  • Make my bed.
  • Read just a few pages or even just one page of a book.
  • Check in, Call/Facetime my family in Belgium and my friends in Europe who are all in this situation as well. Especially my wonderful Mother!
  • Go for a walk or do some stretches. (I've kept my son's dog, Max, with me for the last couple weeks so I can take him on walks and get lots of snuggles!)
  • Declutter one area of my home. This could be one closet or a drawer you've been avoiding!
  • Make something homemade. Bake bread, paint something, write a letter!
  • Take a luxurious bath with salts and oils and candles.
  • Learn something new today!
Getting dressed each day helps with motivation and drive.
Try not to stay in your pajamas all day.
If you do work from home, putting shoes on can help get you into that work mode.

While you work from home, make sure to take
regular breaks. Get up every twenty minutes and stretch your legs, neck, and shoulders.
Take a regular lunch break away from your computer.

Stay away from junk foods. They only make your brain slow and your body sluggish. Make sure you are taking time to drink water and stay away from caffeine in the late afternoon. Staying on a sleep schedule becomes much more challenging without our normal routines.

Once you've decided what your daily goals are, divide your day into chunks including start and stop times. Theme your days with different tasks for different days.  For instance, maybe each Wednesday you focus on house chores but each Thursday you focus on self-care and relationships.

Giving back is incredibly satisfying and so necessary now more than ever.  Check on your neighbor, drop off food at a food bank, donate money to an organization you believe in. 
Make time each week to find a way to help others.

Remind yourself that we are all in this together.
You are not alone. Everyone is struggling to stay sane during this anxious time. Let's be here for each other!

Stay home and stay safe! Lots of love!

                             - Hilde Leaighat

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