Spring at Home!-Pom Pom at Home

Spring at Home!

I've come to realize life is really about the small joys....not that the huge milestones and big sweeping events aren't something to celebrate, but true happiness comes from finding the little things each day that bring us joy.  Spring is something that has always brought me joy. The blossoms returning, the breeze is becoming warmer, sunnier days are back... It's a hopeful season. 
In honor of Spring (and hope), I thought I would put together a little list of ways we can bring Spring into our homes to brighten up both our spaces and our spirits.


 I would be remiss if this list did not include Spring cleaning. For decades, we have been using Spring as a mile marker to declutter and clean our homes. The act of Spring cleaning has a long history and origin going back hundreds of years across many different cultures!
Spring is the time to make your home feel lighter.  Your bedroom in particular shouldn't be a collection area for odds & ends, and stacks of papers. Purge your home of unused things.  It can make you feel emotionally lighter as well!  
Rearrange your furniture, move that sofa and vacuum under it! Maybe you even want to start a project and re-paint some of your existing things. Repainting an old chest of drawers or a china cabinet white can really do wonders.  

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2. Bring in the color!!

Introduce those fabulous Spring colors to each and every room.
Soft blush hues, lavender, hints of floral patterns. Uplifting and airy!

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3. Stop and smell the flowers! 

Fresh flowers bring a room to life! Add arrangements in vases to your nightstands and end tables.
I've clipped these from my garden. 
While you're at it, a fresh wreath on your door is always so welcoming. Perhaps it's also time for a new welcome mat at your front door. This striped rug is our new indoor/outdoor Veranda Rug in charcoal which will be available for purchase very soon!

Veranda Indoor/ Outdoor rugs launching later this month!

4. Refresh your Linens and Pillows!

Go through each room and put away the heavy textures and colors.
Replace pillow shams and blankets with lighter options. 
Remove warmer sheets and use light and silky bamboo sheet sets.  
Exchange your heavy duvet for a coverlet or matelasse

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5. Fresh Scents!

Bring in candles with lovely Spring scents like lemon verbena, jasmine, or orange blossom. Create a homemade rose or lavender linen spray at home. (For our blog post with instructions CLICK HERE)

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6. Swap Heavy Curtains Out! 

Replace your heavy sun-blocking curtains with something more breathable and delicate. Let the natural light flood your home.  Natural light actually provides measurable health benefits! (View our tie top curtains HERE)

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7. Eat Your Meals Al Fresco!

Take your breakfast like a Parisian and eat it on your balcony or patio! Lay a blanket out in your yard and absorb some vitamin D and fresh air! Set a beautiful garden table, even if it's just for yourself. Make it special! Take time to enjoy the beauty around you each day!  (view our napkins HERE)
Stay safe & healthy my friends! 
-Hilde Leiaghat  

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