How to Recreate Our Sage Linen Bed

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We’ve created a whole look around the new sage linen color and it’s quickly become one of our most asked about beds! Follow along as we show you how to recreate it in your own home.
At the head of the bed, we’ve placed our Laguna Ocean/Natural Big Pillows, behind our Parker Sage Linen Euros, and our handwoven linen Hendrick 14x40” in Cream.
The base of the bed is a white cotton percale sheet set but you could also double down and use the linen sheet set in sage for more color.  Over that we've placed our classic Jackson Duvet in Ocean/White and then folded the Parker Duvet in Sage at the base. Again you can use both or swap one for the other. Finally I like using the Pleated Bed Skirt for a finished and tailored look.

Pops of Blue/Green & Cream!


These gentle colors work so well together. It’s a dreamy palette that feels soft and serene, perfect for a good night's sleep. I love mixing different types of stripes on one bed. It creates a visually interesting bed without too much commotion.

The chunky Anacapa throw punches up the texture to that next level. You won’t be able to keep your hands off it!   On this bed we've layered the throws; the faux fur Tula in Winter White, with the Montauk throw in Ocean lay underneath the Anacapa throw. 


Mix & Match

Our collections are meant to be mixed together. So the possibilities are endless. Swap them around and choose your favorite decorative piece!


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