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Our Summer Trip To Portugal!

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It’s such a pleasure to be back in Portugal!! Not only is Portugal a great country to do business with (the factories are extremely efficient here) but the country has so much to offer on so many levels…food, culture, people, architecture. We decided to rent a car and drive over 1,000 miles just to see as much of it as we could over the week we were here. Tag along while we show you just a little slice of our journey through photos. 
This time around we were able so spend more time here in Porto due to being invited to the fabulous Design Week event. The event itself was very interesting with lovely parties scheduled around it.  We were invited to take a site seeing boat ride on the Douro river, taste some great port wines,  and view the beautiful ceramic facades all around the city. 
We stayed in Guimares the longest due to our work as most of the textile factories are in this northern region.  It’s a very beautiful historic city and while we were there, they were in the midst of their famous Saint Festival which was an added bonus to our visit. 
The oldest of all the cities in Portugal and its original capitol. This city holds much of the country's historic monuments and buildings. 

Seafood galore! And it was fresh and wonderful! So much amazing fish...

My favorite being the steamed clams and this wonderful wine the “Vinho Verde” that originated in the historic Minho province in the far north of the country.  The name literally means "green wine," but translates as "young wine”. 

Known for its Universidade de Coimbra established in 1290 making it one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world! It reminded us so much of a mediterranean Oxford, England (where Reza and I actually met for the first time). It’s an incredibly charming city. 

The southern region of Portugal known for its alluring rock formations on its vast sandy beaches. 

A short pit stop for us, Sines gives me major Greek coastal vibes, reminding me so much of Greece. Vasco da Gama, the famous explorer, was born in this small beach town.

A high style, trendy sea town where the more affluent Portuguese locals and tourist love to stay. Comporta is known for it's lovely design elements and beaches. After visiting here this is now one of my favorite books!

The capitol city of Portugal, Lisbon very much has that urban, city feel. Filled with monuments, beautiful colors, and architecture. It will surely charm the socks off of you!
This was our second time visiting Portugal and it will most definitely not be our last! Reza and I even joke that perhaps some day we will retire to this beautiful land and stay for good! :) 

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