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What's in My Bag?!

“I always throw a large Longchamp tote into my luggage so if I make any purchases while abroad, I have an extra bag to bring everything home in! The Longchamp totes have the ability to fold up into small little pockets so they take up very little space. I use the smaller tote as my carry-on essentials bag. I prefer the tote in black to hide the everyday dirt and grime.”
Clinique has been a reliable brand since the 60’s and this SPF is lightweight and fragrance free. Wearing SPF everyday is a habit you must have!”
“Flying is so dehydrating, I like to reapply my moisturizer mid-flight (with clean hands!).”
“This book had me laughing out loud! If you tend to get anxious while traveling I believe reading a hilarious book can really help to calm the nerves.”
Trader Joes trail mix is my jam! They have so many different mixes and they are all delicious! Throw some in your carry-on!”
“Sleeping on the go can be tough for me; ZzzQuil is very helpful on those red eye flights.”

“Ear buds are great but for long flights I need noise canceling headphones. These are so comfortable on my ears, I sleep with them on!” 



“Black is my go to color for travel, you can be comfy and still look put-together. I always travel in black sweats, a t-shirt, and a black sweater. Even if it's warm out I like to layer. Making it cashmere just makes it a bit more luxurious and soft.”


“I have been wearing Beautiful for the last 30 years! I wear it for all seasons, my husband absolutely loves the scent on me even after all these years.”



“Hydration is the key! Spritz this on your face upon landing right before you disembark and it will perk you up and refresh your skin.”



“Keeping a pretty scarf in your bag can keep you ready for a multitude of occasions. Unpredictable weather, upgrade your outfit, bad hair, cover your shoulders, add some color, the list goes on...”



“This bottle is the world's first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. It uses an LED light to purify water! You can literally fill up your water bottle from any bathroom sink around the world and have super clean drinking water without wasting plastic.”



“I have been using this mask FOR YEARS. I use it at home every night so obviously it is a staple for my travels. It’s incredible at blocking light and the silk ensures you aren't creating new wrinkles on your face.”


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