New Rugs for Every Space!-Pom Pom at Home

New Rugs for Every Space!

Pom Pom at Home has become synonymous with beautiful bedding but many people don't realize we also have a wide selection of handmade rugs as...

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Great Gifts for Mom!-Pom Pom at Home

Great Gifts for Mom!

“Moms are the people who know us the best and love us the most.” This Mother's Day is definitely going to be a unique one.  If...

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Accessorize your home and bedroom like a professional interior designer. Find the perfect color combination for your own space with these inspiring ideas! Swapping out...

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Bamboo, Linen, Cotton: What's the difference?-Pom Pom at Home

Bamboo, Linen, Cotton: What's the difference?

Feel renewed with fresh sheets & bedding! Whether it’s cotton, linen, or bamboo, learn the differences to find your perfect match. Most people cannot believe...

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Lovely Light Layers-Pom Pom at Home

Lovely Light Layers

Winter has come to an end, Spring is here, but Summer is not far off. And with it brings an opportunity to update and refresh...

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Spring at Home!-Pom Pom at Home

Spring at Home!

I've come to realize life is really about the small joys....not that the huge milestones and big sweeping events aren't something to celebrate, but true...

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Creating Healthy Routines-Pom Pom at Home

Creating Healthy Routines

Now that so many of us are forced to stay at home during this awful pandemic, it's time to think about how we can stay...

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Stay in this weekend and make a fresh and relaxing rose or lavender linen spray!-Pom Pom at Home

Stay in this weekend and make a fresh and relaxing rose or lavender linen spray!

As we find ourselves needing to stay home, these next few weeks will be a great opportunity to nest and create a cozy, safe, beautiful...

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!-Pom Pom at Home

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Love is in the air! It's February again which means it's time to celebrate love and friendship! Whether you have a special Galentine's Day celebration...

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